It’s the weekend and I need to say that the local weather is so good. It’s so good you just want to be on your bed while cuddling someone :p

Nevertheless, I have some good jams for you to listen. Enjoy! 😉


The Bath Box 

I have been craving to post my purchased The Bath Box and i just got rid of my laziness to write almost complete review for their products. 

The Bath Box is a local product from Indonesia. They claim their products to be detergent-free and good for dermatitis. I’m one of those people who suffer from dermatitis. Let’s get started!

  • Goats Don’t Lie

This is my second purchase. Why I decided to change my liquid soap? Simply because i suffered from Rosacea a few months ago. Wait, before suffering from Rosacea, I had Eczema before. Sucks, doesn’t it? Don’t expect the smell would be like the smell from any luxury liquid soap. This one is almost odorless. It costs me around IDR. 85.000

Product description:  

All natural goats milk liquid soap. Goats milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid, which helps remove dead skin cells from your skin surface and promotes smoother skin beneath. The natural fats from goats milk and vegetable oils keep your skin naturally moisturized. Goats milk contains many vitamins, but is particularly high in vitamin A, which is necessary to repair damaged skin tissue, and maintain healthy skin. Suitable for all skin types and all ages! The organic goats milk use in this soap comes from local farmers in West Java.

This GDL contains:

Water, Organic Goat’s Milk, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Butyrospermum Parkii, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil


The result is actually different among others. I have been using GDL for more than a month. I must say that i’m pretty satisfied with it. This liquid soap is certainly not a magic for my dermatitis condition. It takes more effort, such as: taking supplements, having good food (which is hard for me), more water, and exercise.

Worth value: 8/10

  • Vanilla Lip Taffy

Moving on, I purchased this lip scrub for awhile. It’s IDR. 45.000. 

According to the owner, you need to let it stay all over your lips during your sleep. 


Did i try it? Sure! I tried and it didn’t work for me. My lips were still chapped. I only used it for a couple of times and never want to buy it again. 

Worth value: 5/10

  • Lemon Muesli

Here is my favorite mask – it’s Lemom Muesli from The Bath Box! I must say i love it more than those pricey masks from Glam Glow or The Body Shop. This one is only IDR. 60.000

Product description:

Made with real lemon juice, lemon essential oil, and indian multani mitti, it helps reduce pimples & control excessive oiliness on face.
This mask contains:

avena sativa kernel meal, oryza sativa powder, citrus medica limonium juice, solum fullonum, citrus medica limonium oil.


The result is so addictive. My skin feels so clean and smooth. Pimples aren’t my best mates anymore since I have cystic acne (note: my cystic can be caused from pollution, too much chocolate, and pms). 

Worth value : 8/10 

  • Scary Face

As scary and dark as it looks, this product is actually one of my favorites. Unfortunately, it’s still out of the stock for almost a month. The price is IDR. 99.000 and it can only be used for a month. I usually use this after first cleansing using my face cleanser from Olay. Shall i call this double cleansing?


Daily cleanser with rhassoul clay and charcoal to deeply cleanse your pores. Rhassoul clay is very rich in minerals. It attracts dirt and oil that clog the pore, removes blackheads and enhances skin clarity. Charcoal attracts toxins from your skin, rebalances it by absorting excess oil, and promotes glowing skin. We also use safflower oil & glycerin to moisturize the skin, granulated sugar to lighly exfoliate the dead skin cells, and geranium & rosewood essential oil to tone and balance the skin.


Moroccan Lava Clay, Carthamus Tinctorius Oil, Activated Charcoal, Vegetable Glycerin, Sucrose, Ariba Rosaedora Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens Oil, Tocopherol.


Clean and smooth. 

Worth value: 8/10

  • Sugar

After having the euphoria of Scary Face, I then purchased another cleanser. It is Sugar! This is also another cleanser product from TBB. I love the smell of Scary Face better honestly, even though some people would say Sugar smells better. Well, have your say! This product is only IDR. 90.000


Preservative Free & All Natural Gentle Green Tea Cleanser

Made with real green tea which is rich in antioxidants and an anti-inflammatory. Also contains granulated sugar as mild-daily-natural exfoliator; kaolin clay and high-linoleic acid safflower oil to clean our face without drying; and a blend of tea tree, rosemary, and lavender essential oil to balance our sebum production.

Kaolin, Carthamus Tinctorius Oil, Camellia Leaf, Vegetable Glycerin, Sucrose, Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil, Lavandula Officinalis Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, Tocopherol.


After using it a few times, I am actually dissapointed with the result. My face appeared to be reddish on cheeks and forehead, and super dry. The scrub isn’t as gentle as in Scary Face. I even plan to sell it online.

Worth value: 6/10

Besides trying those products, i also tried Clay-opatra and Breakfast Porridge masks, and Candy Scrub before. 

Clay-opatra is the second best after Lemon Muesli for me, but i haven’t purchased it after my first purchase. 

Candy Scrub smells so sweet and looks cute, but it doesn’t really leaves any good after-effect on my body. 

Hope it’s helpful to you all! 🙂

Chitato – Mie Goreng 

It has been two weeks after my latest post and i came back with the snack post. 

Alright! Chitato is basically potato chips. It came with several flavors, my favorite is the barbecue one for sure. 

So, this flavor (shown in the picture above) is their newest flavor. It has been awhile on the market, but who cares? I just tried it since it was quite hard to find before and it was very bombardized everywhere. Tadaaa! Got it yesterday. 

My first impression after tasting the chips in mie goreng a.k.a. fried noodle (Indomie) is salty 😅 I totally lose the taste of Indomie itself. I still feel the Chitato taste is uber dominating. Would i want to buy it again? Only if it doesn’t taste pinches of salt, okay? 

Gojek, fare, and server

Before going down to my complains, I would like to introduce you what Gojek is. 

Gojek founded by Nadiem Makarim. Gojek means an ojek, or a motorbike taxi, is a motorcyclist that offers rides to wherever you want to go. The fare can be way cheaper than the offline or non-app ojek in Jakarta, e.g.: it costs me 2 bucks from home to work by using offline ojek, but Gojek can be so cheap, it can only costs 50% or 25% less than the offline ojek fare.

As you can see in the picture below, that is the application’s feature. Isn’t it helpful for me to be more lazy? 

Moving on, I am a daily user of the application. I use it every single day from home to work and vice versa. But, I must admit that I really am disappointed with the application server lately. The screenshot above shows the internal server error. Guess what, Gojek? It has been happening third time in just a week. Is it because the price is currently 50% off the normal price, then the server starts getting down any sudden time? Either way, I sometimes kind of hate the “dirty” game in business industry. 

Enough with the rant, I shall hope the fare will return to normal. Normal fare means normal server. Cheers! 🙂

Road Map to WCC (Penjelasan)


Di bawah ini jawaban dan penjelasan kuesioner basic mentality Road Map to World Class Company. Beberapa penjelasan agak membingungkan memang dan kurang lazim. Begitupun, mari kita diskusikan.

  1. B-S  Semakin tinggi kualitas barang, ongkos membuat barang tersebut biasanya juga akan semakin tinggi. Jawabannya Salah. Harusnya: semakin tinggi kualitas barang, ongkos membuat barang tersebut akan semakin turun. Jika ongkos tidak turun, maka tidak ada insentif bagi perusahaan untuk berinovasi. Contoh: Mc Donald jarang menaikkan harga meskipun harga bahan baku naik. Masa sih? Harus diuktikan dengan contoh kasus perusahaan lain nih. Ada yang bisa ngasih contoh?

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It’s the Chow!

The Chow Chow is a dog breed originally from northern China, where it is referred to as Songshi Quan, which means “puffy-lion dog”. Alright Wikipedia, thanks for your info! 

Since then, I’ve been falling in love with the breed. I always want to pet the breed. The perk is i’m still curious on how to train Chow. 

Anyone knows how to? 🙂